I have been restoring antique fine art oil paintings
professionally for over 15 years.

I restored at Victoria Fine Art, St Albans for 6 years.
Since 1995 I have been free-lance in Cambridge
but mostly associated with
Cambridge Fine Art

I graduated from Anglia Ruskin Univeristy in Cambridge, with a combined degree in English Literature and
Art History.

This has enabled me to continue a serious interest in the paintings I restore.

I am skilled in the processes required to restore oil paintings from the 17th to the 20th century.

This includes canvas repair, cleaning, re-touching, preservation and conservation.

Brett Unwin - Professional Fine Art Restorer
















Caroline Reavell: 'We are thrilled with the restoration and cleaning of the painting which transformed it. The service we received was excellent'

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Diane Abraham: 'Our paintings were in desperate need of cleaning and ended up in a cupboard after we decorated the sitting room. Brett restored them as a surprise birthday present for my husband and the results were amazing!'

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Henry Day: 'A sensitive and effective restoration that reveals the true colours and impact of the sun struck rocks'.

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